*This is not a complete listing, just samples where to eat in Negril.

Margaritaville Negril“Waste away” at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville in Mo’Bay, Negril and Ochi, where the fun never stops! Enjoy a world-famous “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, tropical margaritas and shop our Trading Posts for exclusive Buffett merchandise. Then before you leave, visit Air Margaritaville at Sangster International airport - you just may find that lost shaker of salt! Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Restaurant Le VendomeLocated at Charela Inn, Restaurant Le Vendome is a healthy gourmet's delight reflecting the French and Jamaican ownership as well as the fresh produce of their farms. Le Vendome is a unique experience of wholesome home made products with no colouring or additives. Serving Mediterranean dishes subtly blended with Jamaican spices. A dribble of olive oil, a dash of pimento! some aubergines, some calaloo!! French wines and breads!

Set amongst the blue Caribbean sea, Negril's white sand beach & the thick green tropical vegetation, Ristorante de Gino will guarantee you a dining experience you'll never forget. Italian cuisine at it's finest, fast & friendly service under the starlit Caribbean sky. Gino & Company cater to your every need. On your holiday let us do the work. Sit back & relax, enjoy some fine wine, great food & moderate prices. We anxiously await your arrival.

Treehouse RestaurantBritish, West African, Irish and Welsh influences have produced a unique variation of English and spicy, distinctive cuisine here. Seafood is dependably fresh and well-prepared. Don't miss sampling island specialties during Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner while sipping famous local Red Stripe beer or cooling off with exotic fresh fruits. Pizza is even available at the Negril Treehouse resort.
Savor the flavors of Jamaica.

Rockhouse RestaurantJamaican cuisine is a complex mix of all the cultures that have come to her shores. The native Arawak Amerindians, the Chinese, the Spanish, the English and the Indians all brought their own culinary staples and cooking techniques when they settled on the island. Even the Rastafarians, upholding the ideals of vegetarianism, have placed new emphasis on natural foods. Drawing from these diverse roots, the Rockhouse Restaurant creates "new Jamaican cuisine", a lighter, modern interpretation of classic Jamaican cooking designed to enhance your island experience, yet remain accessible to those not familiar with Caribbean food.
Chicken Lavish is the best of the low-budget eateries in town.
Just show up on the doorstep of this place on the West End beach strip and see what's cooking. Curried goat is a specialty, as is fresh fried fish. The red snapper is caught in local waters, but the big draw is the Jamaican chicken-possibly the best on the island, fried or served with curry or sweet-and-sour sauce. Dine on the roofed-over veranda if you want, or ask for take-out and dine elsewhere.

One of the best places to go for local seafood is centered around a Polynesian thatched bohio (beach hut) open to the sea and bordering the main beachfront. In this rustic setting, Cosmo Brown entertains locals as well as visitors. You can order his famous conch soup, or conch in a number of other ways, including steamed or curried. He's also known for his savory kettle of curried goat and the freshly caught seafood. Unless you order expensive shellfish, dishes are mostly inexpensive, making the place friendly to the budget traveler.
Juicy's RestaurantVisit Juicy J's Restaurant and enjoy healthy and delicious meals cooked Jamaican style. We also serve excellent Chinese, Italian and American dishes. Sample our great natural juices such as soursop, cucumber, beetroot and melon. Our friendly and courteous staff members are waiting to serve you.