About Negril - The capital of casual

Negril is known for its white sandy beaches – 7 miles beach as it is called, although it is only slightly more than 4 miles (6.4 km) in length, from the Negril River on the south to Rutland Point on the north. Negril also has a reputation for its laid back atmosphere and is called the ‘capital of causal’.

Negril, a shortened version of “Negrillo”, meaning ‘little black ones’, was named by the Spanish in 1494. The theories as to how it got its name: firstly, the black cliffs south of the village, and secondly, the large amount of black eels along Negril’s coast.

In the early 1970s Negril was a favorite place for hippies, and ever since then, it has tried to maintained the casual ambiance. Even with the increase of visitors and hotels and guesthouses, it has still maintain it uniqueness. 

The north end of the beach is home to the larger, all-inclusive resorts, and to the south are the smaller, family-run hotels. Negril’s west end is situated on the high rocky cliffs where small rustic cottages are the main type of lodging, along with small restaurants and craft shops.